If monitoring detects issue you will be alerted in advance, so you have time to fix issue before it impacts business users. If there is a know solution for problem, monitoring is able to fix problems and run commands, agents to fix issue. If problem is solved, system will automatically close alert. Thus allowing you to focus on your daily work, while monitoring will keep an eye on system 24/7 . Get involved only when it is really needed. No more scheduled review of logs, ddm.nsf, admin4.nsf for pending issues, Be more productive and get involved only when it is really needed.



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CYONE received confirmation letter, “Golded Tickets from IBM/HCL”, that our knowledge and people are among 100 top resources in the world. We are invited to visit IBM/HCL development lab in US, and play with upcomming IBM Domino 10/Notes 10.

CYONE participates as a sponsor at ENGAGE conference in Rotterdam, Netherland.

We have demonstrated our 2Factor authentication solution, Monitoring for IBM Domino, Performance tuning as well as other services.

CYONE people for ideas we generated for Domino 10 and Domino 11 have been awarded with Golden Ticket to IBM/HCL Development labs.


IBM Domino is important Enterprise system. Collaboration system is blood of organization, people share business information over IBM Domino, Traveler and various IBM Domino based applications. Many customers does not monitor IBM Domino at all, or monitor basic things like port availability.

CYONE has created a solution that monitors IBM Domino, IBM Traveler servers professionally. Solution is based  on opensource solution Zabbix. Zabbix is very popular due it is free to install, it is very flexibile, community of ready to use free and commercial templates, that helps to keep business running.

CYONE’s solution has more that 300 out of the box rules, that monitor different aspects of IBM Domino. You can monitor not only IBM Domino platform itself, but also custom business applications.

Built and designed by IBM Domino experienced administrators, solution not only detect problems, but also able to solve them automatically and just notify You that problem was found but it is solved. Learn more here in more details about IBM Domino Monitoring solution.


GDPR – General Data Protection regula is almost around the corner. But probably some customers only now start preparation to topic. GDPR regula touches different aspects of data protection. Particular regula part requires “additional security on top of login/password” that almost certain bring us to 2factor authentication. 2Factor authentication in addition to login/password uses additional factor to verify that you are real account owner. Many customers rathen that removing webaccess, provide secure access to web mail – since employees demand to work from any location and any time.

CYONE offers 2Factor authentication solution SMS Login – to protect webmail users and company data. SMS Login can deployed in less than 1 hour.

SMS Login features:

  • Easy to install and maintain. Known interfaces makes it easy to use for admin and end users.
  • SMS codes or OTP codes to improve security of users. Alternative email can be used as well to deliver code.
  • OTP is compatible with Google Authenticator or similar. If OTP is already used then one application provides more value.
  • Supports Domino 9.0.x on Linux or Windows.
  • Support SMS Cloud services like Clickatell.
  • SMS Login is used by many customers across the world.
  • Batch registration
  • Global or Per-User configuration. You can enable 2FA to some users only, or all at once.

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IBM Domino Administrator Training will take place during summer. Available in 3 languages (English, Latvian, Russian).

We teach real things that are in products. After 5 days class you will be able to:

  • Install and configure IBM Domino Server and client
  • Perform basic and advanced operation on users, groups, databases,
  • install and configurate Advanced IBM Domino products:
  • IBM Verse on Prem (VOP)
  • IBM Traveler
  • IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO)
  • Configure and Manage SSL Certificates
  • Upgrade IBM Domino server and components
  • Learn how to automate Domino Administration
  • Domino monitoring configuration and automation

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