Compare Design of NSF Databases in seconds. Find what is different. Compare Design elements, Code or Both.

Why Domino Administrators and Developers need NSFComparus?

Quite often developers and administrators need to understand what is different between two templates or databases. Most common case mail template modifications during Domino upgrade. There are cases when these changes are not documented. NSFComparus can quickly detect changes and missing items. If needed you can copy (sync) changes, and copy your customizations. Built-in report can show differences and will document your changes.

Simple but powerful tool

While working in a team, team leads may verify design changes. That is why NSFComparus has report capability. The report shows differences between databases and can be exported as HTML reports and added to the development ticket. The ability to search for elements helps to locate a needed element in databases with a large number of elements.

Made by Domino Professionals for Domino Professionals

While design of the tool is simple, several checkboxes can show:

  • Differences also in code (not only design level difference)
  • Show only difference (identical elements will be excluded)
  • Show date of last modification date
  • Show name who last modified design element
  • Search for particular element
  • Green checkmarks and Blue / Red icons shows identical or missing / changed items
  • Easy to copy design element

CYONE NSFComparus Key Features

  • Domino Upgrade

    Will show you difference in code in seconds. Seconds to sync changes.

  • Saves Time

    Manual comparison may take hours, while tool does comparison on the fly.

  • Reports

    Ability to create report is vital when professional team documents changes and works in DevOps. Changes tracked and verified.

  • Installed once, used daily

    Almost daily we will face tasks like this to find difference in apps.

  • Rich Notes version support

    Supports Notes 9.x, 10, 11, 12.

  • HCL Designer Integration

    One click to sync design element or open in HCL Domino Designer.

  • Tiny NSF

    Installed less than 10 seconds on your Notes client.

  • Rerun report to see improvements

    Just rerun the report to see if the problems detected are solved.

  • Show me whats important

    Simple interface for efficient work. One checkbox to show only design elements that are different.

  • Affordable subscription pricing

    Permanent or Subscription licensing. Choose what is better for You.

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