HCL Domino and Microsoft Active directory integration

Let two systems – Active Directory and Domino work together

Account Synchronization

Select directory that is primary (AD or Domino) and continue to register/rename/delete users. Other directory will be automatically populated with changes. This will simplify and automate account management, will help to comply with GDPR and reduce load and costs of account management.

Notes Federated Login

There are many single sign-on solutions for HCL Domino, most popular is Shared Login, which makes authentication in HCL Notes transparent. New Notes Federated Login will make it even better, seamless authentication in HCL Notes with credentials of Active Directory. Your users will love it.

Many systems – one password

It is possible to set Active Directory password as Notes and Domino HTTP password.

Get Started with Active directory configuration

Reducing password and account management and making access transparent to users