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Dynamically generated passcodes are safer to use than static log-in information


No additional tokens are necessary

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor authentication is a great solution to improve HCL Domino infrastructure security. Any web based Domino application, iNotes or HCL Verse will be protected by 2FA solution. Easy to deploy, easy to try, installed just in 15 minutes, flexible configuration allows all or few users to use it.

SecurTrac – know who accessed you data

To comply with PCI/DSS or GDPR or different other regulation customers may need to see who, when,how accessed particular document. Extracomm SecurTrac solution offers quick and elegant way to track all changes made by servers/users in security logs. It is possible to see which document has been changed, from which IP, as well what was changed. SecurTrac is server level loggins, that eliminates need for per application logging coded by programers


Everybody knows Ytria. They create great tools for HCL Domino Administrators and Developers. Tools from Ytria will help to see what is inside your databases, make mass changes in databases. Some tools like Ytria ScanEZ are available free of charge for read mode can add a lot of value. With this tools you can see values of profile documents, document deletion stubs and other vital information for administrators and developers.

IONETsoftware Archiver

IONETSoftware Archiver maked Domino Archivation transparent to users. While part of data is moved to another databases, users may still search old mails. Great solution that simplifies user experience.


Every company has its logo and signature. Crossware allows to automate this, so look and feel of your signatures is the same across company. You can add sophisticated signatures based on department, floor or other attributes or even adding advertisement to every letter you sent.

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Allow information to be quickly disseminated to employees