Panagenda MarvelClient

Panagenda stands for improving you IBM Notes environment. Various modules can help in different situations. MarvelClient Analyze helps to gather statistics and IBM Notes client performance and local database data for central analysis.

Client Analytics

Panagenda MarvelClient provides you with clear analytical data and constantly up-to-date insights into your entire client inventory. The collected information includes IBM Notes client versions, desktop icons, bookmarks, notes.ini parameters, Eclipse settings, client hardware / software and so much more. Start with Free Analyze today. Analyze module is available for free for 12 month. During this time you will be able to find misconfigurations of your environment and fix them, thus improving user experience.

Client Management

Proactively avoid problems using MarvelClient through efficient and permanent optimization. Complex server migrations and server consolidations become a walk in the park: All your changes are executed reliably. And with up to 15,000 changes per second, MarvelClient is the world’s fastest client management solution.


panagenda MarvelClient is very powerfull tool, that has many option. CYONE has created 2 day training during which we learn how to install and upgrade MarvelClient, how to use simple and more sophisticated actions in MarvelClient. We deliver this course in different languages. When we deploy MarvelClient we assist client to reach their business objectives, so that panagenda MarvelClient does what you expect from it.

ROI – return on investment

panagenda MarvelClient helps to keep track of IBM Notes clients, even if users are located in different countries, different timezones. Every day control of users is much better than cleanup during migration and upgrade projects. Your environment should be perfectly clean every day, not just once per 3 years.

Panagenda MarvelClient key features

  • Client Updates, Upgrades and Open-Client-Strategies

    Perform upgrades, standardizations and client platform migrations faster and more reliably. Regardless of the initial situation or your ultimate goal, panagenda will transition you into the future faster!

  • Optimal connection and perfect protection

    Stay connected to the fastest server when traveling and keep your users from unwanted actions: 100% protection, for example, unauthorized deletion of databases.

  • Roaming and backups more efficient than ever before

    No matter when or where, your users get the optimal IBM Notes client configuration, quickly and easily. For Windows, Linux, Mac, Laptops, Desktops, Browser Plugin clients, SmartCloud, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and VDI.

  • Identify remotely local IBM Notes problems

    Administrator can centrally see all client statistics, notes.ini values.  Migrate, move, remove desktop icons, set custom workspace background.

  • Remotelly roll back configuration

    No more work on local computers. Ability remotely rollback important users files (names.nsf, notes.ini, desktop.dsk)

  • Highly automated Notes client workspaces

    Fully automated adding, removing, and cleaning of tiles, bookmarks and replicas for your users and databases. This allows you to save even more time and money on new users, departmental changes, permissions, and client management. Combined with Panagenda SecurityInsider and ApplicationInsights, Automate brings you even faster to your destination.

Get started with Panagenda MarvelClient

MarvelClient modules for the IBM Notes client fulfill all requirements in Notes Client Management and can be combined freely