IBM Domino/Traveler Monitoring

Domino is a heart of you collaboration platform. Professional monitoring can predict problems and solve them before they impact business.

Monitoring keeps an eye on your Domino infrastructure

Monitoring will check Domino statistics against thresholds, as well with Monitoring you can monitor your business applications. Nice looking sharts and dashboards will give you trends and status reports on current infrastructure status. No more server switches and application check to be sure you are ok, just take a look at the dashboard.

Built by experienced admins for admins

If monitoring detects issue you will be alerted automatically. While Monitoring is able to fix some problems, sometimes it is still requires human operation. If problem is solved, system will automatically close alert. Thus allowing you to focus on remaining issue. Get involved only when it is really needed. No more scheduled review of logs, ddm.nsf, admin4.nsf for pending issues, get involved only when it is really needed.

Alert tells you why it is important and how to fix it

In enterprise environments issues should be fixed quickly. Thus all alerts contains instructions which parameter to adjust or what to do to fix an issue. Our customers love it! You get a problem alert and solution. This reduces problem solving time and less calls to support.

CYONE Domino Monitoring products key features

  • Out of the box rules

    More than 300 Statistics gathered and checked against best practive value

  • Monitor any system or business app

    Detect issues and pending documents in Admin4.nsf or any other business application

  • Secure Any Device

    Our monitoring is able not only detect issue, but also fix and automate problem solution.

  • Detects latency for servers

    Monitoring can detect user experience on slow or fast servers. Or opening particular database or view.

  • Agentless

    Virutal appliance with will get monitoring data remotely.

  • Notifications can be integrated with social messangers

    replace SMS notifications, with Telegram room, to see aleart, so you support peope can discuss alert, agree on who fixes it.

Become a Reseller Partner

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