IBM Domino Administrator courses

Become IBM Domino professional in 5 days. Get real life experience and get trained to manage IBM Domino environment.

IBM Domino Administrator courses

More than regular training

During IBM Domino Administrator courses we give you basic and advanced knowledge about IBM Domino. We start with basic things to be sure everybody understand ideology and principles of IBM Domino/Notes , then doing more and more sophisticated things. We teach how to work with Policies, ID Vault , Certificate Authority, all system databases, configure built-in monitoring.  We cover creation and maintenance of clusters, IBM Traveler servers as well as IBM Verse and aspect of security and backup and recovery. Training delivered by IBM Certified Instructor with real life field experience.

Practice make you perfect

During training every theoretical part has also practical tasks. Administrtors can try new things. Thus they are sure this functionality works that empowers them to deploy this after testing in production.

During Training we learn about

  • IBM Domino
  • IBM Notes
  • IBM Traveler
  • IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO)
  • IBM Verse

During IBM Domino Administrator courses we learn new things, and assist users with their production problems

Majority of people who participate in training has question from production that they are unable to solve. We are able to look into these problems and advice how to solve these problems. At the end of the course people have:

  • Solid understanding of IBM Domino and related products
  • Ability to create and manage infrastructure
  • Maintain and extend infrastructure by adding new components and functionality
  • Use IBM Domino policies more efficiently
  • Use built-in monitoring tools to detect and solve problems
  • Debug and solve complex problems

All people after training are able to do more. In many cases 1-2 Administrators manage big environments with thousands of users

Panagenda MarvelClient Training

In addition to Domino Administration course we teach panagenda MarvelClient deployment and administration: 3 days course allows administrators to learn how to leverage panagenda MarvelClient in IBM Domino environment. Learn about great panagenda tools here

Our panagenda MarvelClient training includes following modules. Upon special request we extend training to cover also others modules.

  • panagenda MarvelClient Analyze
  • panagenda MarvelClient Manage
  • panagenda MarvelClient Migrate
  • panagenda MarvelClient Roaming

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