Extracomm Securtrac

Monitors and audits your IBM Notes & Domino environment

Why choose SecurTrac?

Extracomm SecurTrac is a non-disruptive and non-intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all user activities and other objects within IBM Notes and Domino. SecurTrac is completely scalable and can be configured to meet the compliance and auditing needs of any business – whether you’re a SMB or large enterprise.

Extracomm SecurTrac provides GDPR compliance for your environment. You can log who, when and which information has accessed. You can search log and reply/comply with GDPR requests.

Extracomm SecurTrac key features

  • Document deletions

    The SecurTrac log will show whether or not the document was a “soft” or “hard” deletion

  • Customizable e-mail notifications

    Receive customized (user defined) real-time alerts by e-mail when SecurTrac monitors are triggered within your IBM Notes and Domino environment. This feature also allows you to set the delivery priority of the e-mail notification

  • Server Settings documents

    All SecurTrac parameters can be configured in the SecurTrac server settings document. Previously, all parameters had to be set in the Notes.ini

  • Monitor Database Agents

    A feature added to the Database Monitor which logs database Agent activities on the Domino Server

  • Links to sensitive files

    Instead of sending sensitive information, you can send link to encrypted database, and only real recipient can open attachment with provided PIN

  • Improved log database management

    The Administrator can specify to purge or rollover the SecurTrac log database based on size or time

  • Log to remote server

    SecurTrac provides you with the option to log detected events either on the local Domino server or on a remote Domino server, which allows you to centrally store all of your SecurTrac logs

  • Server Settings view

    A Server Settings view allows you to monitor all SecurTrac enabled servers at a glance

  • Enhanced statistics and reports

    SecurTrac can generate enhanced statistics for different log types. Data can be exported to Excel and converted to graphs in a single click. A SecurTrac log summary report can be scheduled to run periodically; the Database ACL audit report, calculates and shows the effective access for specified users or groups.

  • Server wide audit

    Audit is done globally on server level, not by programers on every db level. Thus reducing development costs and unifying log format

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