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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Many companies has addopted BYOD approach, that allows users connect to corporate applications using user’s favourite gadget. Which makes work process more comfortable and more effective. When employee leaves workdesk for a meeting or a business trip, person is still up to date with information and can make faster decisions, even from the mobile device or table.

While BYOD is very popular approach, this puts more responsibility on IT, since IT should provide secure channel accessing corporate data and also eliminate risk of data leakage to protect business. Smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices no longer used to as voice transfer devices, they became modern business tools that helps employees do their work.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

CYONE has long term experience in Mobile Device Management deployment and implementation, support and modernization. CYONE experience is based on MobileIron, IBM and CITRIX products. As well we have deep knowledge who to integrate with existing evironment , especially IBM products.

Mobile Device Management

MobileIron Products

The MobileIron Platform brings together a combination of comprehensive security and enterprise mobility management tools including traditional mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile content management capabilities. IT administrators can manage the lifecycle of the device and its applications, from registration to retirement, and rapidly accelerate and scale their mobile management infrastructure. MobileIron is leader of Gartner and is available as Cloud and onPrem offering

IBM Mobile Connect

IBM Mobile Connect (previous product name – IBM Lotus Mobile Connect) is VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution, that allows customer hide services like IBM Traveler, IBM Sametime, IBM iNotes and others behind firewall and not to put it in public Internet. This solutions provides also to internal resources available only when user is in LAN, by providing transparent micro-VPN. Micro-VPN is done on application level, so only this particular application requests routed to LAN. IBM Mobile Connect supports “Single Sign-On” approach, which eliminates need to enter password in every backend system.

Organizations who made wise decision and has deployed IBM Notes and Domino platform for collaboration, IBM Mobile Connect client licences are included in IBM Notes licence. Thus only server part should be purchased – IBM Mobile Connect Server.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson™

IBM Maas 360 allows to protect mobile devices, applications that used by business users, to access and process business data. IBM Maas 360 is available as Cloud offering, which allows you focus on business and not bother about managing and upgrading your infrastructure. IBM Cloud engineers will take care about server part, while your data is completelly yours

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