Compliance solution for HCL Domino

According to your business and regulator requirements you might need to have additional integration of Your HCL Domino with Monitoring, Splunk or any other solution

Splunk Integration

Pull information from Domino logs and push it to log analysis solutions like SPLUNK. Central log management will agregate server logs for futher analysis

Monitoring for HCL Domino

HCL Domino is important system for enterprise. Proper monitoring is “must have”. Monitoring is able to predict problems, detect security issues like hack attacks. As well in large environements you should monitor SLA of system availability.


Dynamically generated passcodes are safer to use than static log-in information


No additional tokens are necessary

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor authentication is very demanded since many companies put email (iNotes or Verse on Prem) in public internet access. 2FA is also requirement for GDPR, since GDPR says that account should be protected by additional security on top of login and password.

Extracomm Securtrac

Extracomm SecurTrac is a non-disruptive and non-intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all user activities and other objects within HCL Notes and Domino. Again detailed audit is requirement and compliance of GDPR.

Get started with Compliance solution

You might want to extend functionality of Domino with 2Factor Authentication to comply with GDPR. You might need to audit all changes done in databases, or track which fields are changed tracking old and new values. You might need award-winning solution that has consistently met the needs of the Notes/Domino community