Software Licenses

It is important to have software licenses from good partner. We are authorized by different vendors to resell licences

Different licences types

Every vendor has it is own rules and agreements that is timeconsuming for every customer to follow. We are trained by vendors to know different types of licencing permanent or perpetual, per user or per device, per server or per user. If you tell us what you need to do , our trained Sales/Technical people will find best licensing option for you

Be compliant with licensing

Cheap is not always right choice. Sometimes buying a bit more expensive licence you will get lower investments over time, than buying cheap licences. For example, you cant just buy New licences with discount, if you have old licences, many vendors says that to be eligible for support and new version all licences should be on same renew date.

Upgrade licences

Our licence gurus can help to find optimal way of licencing. Sometimes upgrading to licences that provides more rich functionality also may cost less. Thus upgrading to new type of licences can save some money as well to provide additional functionality.

Unofficial licensing audit

For IBM customers we offer unofficial audit, where we check if customer is compliant with currently selected model and if something is missing we help to fill the gap. Thus customer can be sure that it is completelly ready for vendor audit.

software licenses

Get started with our Software Licenses

We are authorized by different vendors to resell licences of IBM, Barracuda, MobileIron, Citrix, RedHat, Suse, Bitdefender, DeviceLock, Quest and specific IBM solutions like panagenda, YTRIA, IONETSoftware, Crossware and Extracomm SecurTrac and Extracomm ExtraFax.