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Send and receive faxes directly from e-mail or web client. Any location, any time.

Fax server for IBM Domino

Extracomm ExtraFax for IBM Domino is a faxing solution seamlessly integrated with IBM Domino and IBM Notes, allowing users to send and receive faxes directly from their IBM Verse, IBM Traveler, or Outlook e-mail clients. ExtraFax is intuitively designed into mail client to maximize productivity and ease of use – all while reducing costs associated with using traditional faxing. Completely scalable to meet the faxing needs from SMB to global enterprises, our product quality and support are attested by our broad and prestigious customer base.

Extracomm ExtraFax for IBM Notes and Domino key features

  • Integration with SAP

    SAP integration with ExtraFax to easily send faxes directly from SAP using SMTP. Also route incoming faxes from ExtraFax to SAP. Import user preferences and inbound routing information from SAP

  • Port Management Console

    Incorporate a management console where channel real time output can be accessed without the need to have access to the server operating system.

  • Built-in Probes and Alerts to monitor ExtraFax server

    Option to configure various different alert types (Task Status, Fax Hardware Online/Offline, Outbound, Inbound queue thresholds, Error Messages) all with e-mail notifications.

  • Remote Hardware Port

    Fax/SMS/MMS hardware devices can be installed on remote computers, providing the ability to have a separate fax server and Fax/SMS/MMS device platforms. The Remote Port feature will give you the ability to use ExtraFax that is natively installed on a Linux server, while using Fax/SMS/MMS hardware devices that are e.g. installed on a Windows platform server.

  • Cover Page Wizard and Preview

    Using a Wizard style interface, create cover pages seamlessly. End users and administrators can also preview the available ExtraFax cover pages before they are used.

  • Reminder Notification for pending Fax jobs

    When the workflow approval feature in ExtraFax is active, multiple reminder notifications will be sent to individuals who must approve pending fax jobs.

  • Improved Reporting

    Now you can more easily distinguish between SMS/MMS/Fax jobs when creating reports and obtain graphical reports about line usage, how long jobs are sitting in queue and taking to process.

  • SMPP Support and using Skype to send SMS messages

    Send and receive SMS messages using an SMPP connection with your Telco Carrier. Send outbound SMS messages using Skype.

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