HCL Domino/Traveler Monitoring

Domino is a heart of you collaboration platform. Professional monitoring can predict problems and solve them before they impact business.

Monitoring keeps an eye on your Domino infrastructure

Monitoring will check Domino statistics against thresholds, as well with Monitoring you can monitor your business applications. Nice looking charts and dashboards will give you trends and status reports on current infrastructure status. No more server switches and application check to be sure you are ok, just take a look at the dashboard.

Built by experienced admins for admins

If monitoring detects issue you will be alerted in advance, so you have time to fix issue before it impacts business users. If there is a know solution for problem, monitoring is able to fix problems and run commands, agents to fix issue. If problem is solved, system will automatically close alert. Thus allowing you to focus on your daily work, while monitoring will keep an eye on system 24/7 . Get involved only when it is really needed. No more scheduled review of logs, ddm.nsf, admin4.nsf for pending issues, Be more productive and get involved only when it is really needed.

Alert tells you why it is important and how to fix it

In enterprise environments issues should be fixed quickly. Thus all alerts contains instructions which parameter to adjust or what to do to fix an issue. Our customers love it! You get a problem alert and solution. This reduces problem solving time and less calls to support. Deployment of monitoring also rises skills of Domino admins, they are more aware what impacts performance and other aspects of HCL Domino.

Experts Master class

Watch a replay of HCL and CYONE webinar about Domino monitoring capabilities.

What our customers say about CYMON

With CYMON, we have a flexible and solution oriented system to keep an eye on our business critical Domino applications. Awesome to see how it helps us improving and optimizing the daily operations.

Domino monitoring system CYMON helps up to predict and avoid a lot of Domino related problems.

With the help of CYMON system we can quickly localize Domino related issues. This helps us to provide best Domino support service. I believe this system is “must have” for every Domino administrator.

Functionality and FeaturesFreeComplete
User Dashboard++
Mail Dashboard++
Monitoring of security inetlockout, domlog++
Monitoring of names.nsf, admin4.nsf views++
Monitoring of names.nsf, admin4.nsf by @Formula++
Monitoring of Mail Statistics Mail.*++
Monitoring of Server Statistics Server.*++
Out of the box Basic rules++
Out of the box Advanced Rules-+
Performance Dashboard-+
Executive / Management Dashboard-+
Traveler Dashboard-+
Monitoring of any statistics-+
@Formulas on any database-+
Ability to run corrective action, autfix problems-+
Auto Update of Rules, Threshholds-+
Custom Dashboards (custom applications, or special statistics )-+
Network dashboard-+
Cluster Statistics-+
Domino 9, Domino 10, new feature suggestions-+
Monitoring of IBM DAC (Domino applications in Cloud)-+
Basic Technical Support++
Premium Technical Support-+

CYONE Domino Monitoring products key features

  • Out of the box rules

    More than 700 Statistics gathered and checked proactivelly. Rules/metrics/dashboards are updated as soon as new releases appear

  • Monitor any system or business app

    Detect issues and pending approval documents in Admin4.nsf or any other business application

  • Automatic problem solving

    Monitoring is able not only detect issues, but also fix problems according to scenario.

  • Quick Setup

    Import virtual appliance  and you get monitoring results in few minutes. Instant result and added value

  • Support of Domino 9.x, v10,v11 and v12

    The system is able to work with new Domino v12 and Domino v11, as well as older versions like 6.5 up to 9.x. We do have Traveler, VerseOnPrem, IMSMO, Clustering, Performance statistics checked out of the box.

  • Lowers TCO and makes Domino great and stable

    Deployment of monitoring will free time for Domino administrators currently spent on log review and will reduce downtimes of system. Administrators can do Upgrades and work on projects, while routing operations like ddm.nsf, admin4.nsf,  log reviews or statistics review against recomended values will be done by monitoring

  • Different information for different group types

    Monitoring results are split in different dashboards for different user groups. Users, Databases, Performance, Traveler, Management, Custom Applications.

  • Auto-update

    As soon as new Domino versions arrive, after approval of Administrator system can update new monitoring rules and recommended values. Would you like to know if your Traveler APNS certificate or SSL certificate will expire soon?

  • Integration with smartphones

    Get monitoring notifications in popular instant messaging solutions like Telegram or Teams. Social Messagens can be enabled, so you can discuss with your team who will take care of issue.

  • Performance

    We monitor many parameters that impact server performance and will provide recommendations on how to make your Domino faster.

  • Security

    In addition to checking statistical values, we can monitor if users are locked out (inetlockout.nsf) or if somebody hacks or scans your server (domlog.nsf). Only automated tools can do this 24/7 and keep business secure.

  • Agentless

    Small virtual server will do monitoring. No need to install Agent on Domino. We can monitor Domino on any platform. AS400/Linux/Windows or any other supported platform. it is like another Notes client in your infrastructure.

  • Custom Statistics

    If you have custom tasks and statistics, you can monitor your add-on or 3rd party tools/applications.

Become a Reseller Partner

If you would like to resell this solution to your clients learn more about CYONE partner program, contact our team with your questions. We’re here to help!