Monitor IBM Domino like a pro

IBM Domino is important Enterprise system. Collaboration system is blood of organization, people share business information over IBM Domino, Traveler and various IBM Domino based applications. Many customers does not monitor IBM Domino at all, or monitor basic things like port availability.

CYONE has created a solution that monitors IBM Domino, IBM Traveler servers professionally. Solution is based  on opensource solution Zabbix. Zabbix is very popular due it is free to install, it is very flexibile, community of ready to use free and commercial templates, that helps to keep business running.

CYONE’s solution has more that 300 out of the box rules, that monitor different aspects of IBM Domino. You can monitor not only IBM Domino platform itself, but also custom business applications.

Built and designed by IBM Domino experienced administrators, solution not only detect problems, but also able to solve them automatically and just notify You that problem was found but it is solved. Learn more here in more details about IBM Domino Monitoring solution.