Set of tools focused to automate Domino common tasks

What is iADMIN?

Automatisation, centralised reporting, data warehouse of historical data about servers and databases. iAdmin helps you to perform daily tasks that consumes time. Corrupted replica recreation, check of database settings according to your rules and HCL/IBM Best practice. Let all boring tasks are performed by iAdmin, and it will become your best assistant in managing infrastructure.

Created by experienced Domino Administrators for Domino Admin

Developers of iAdmin has almost 25 years Domino experience in Enterprise sector. For many years we performed installation, setup, configuration, and optimisation of servers. While number of databases was measured in tens thousands of databases. During 25 years we gathered unique experience, which parameters are good, which parameters are must have, and which ones should be removed when moving to new versions. We like “Rule” approach for servers and databases.
Each Database should have

  • LZ1 compression ON
  • Design Compression ON
  • Rich text field compression ON

Set this rule once and just check report that iADMIN found new database and fixed its setting to one You set.

iAdmin can work in simulation mode, only to detect issues and not to fix them. When mitigation action is designed you can enable iAdmin to set it designed also fix issues.

iAdmin is like a Swiss knife in hands of experienced admin.

iAdmin – focus on more important tasks

Many admins perform same tasks daily, while spending a lot of time.

“Human should think, Computer – must work. Not vice versa!”

With the help of iAdmin, you will have more time to do creative work, while all your servers will be in a good shape.

iExecutor – Part of iAdmin – centralised control centre for running agents, scripts and formulas.

We all know Agent Manager – AMGR. It does agent execution, but we do it better. More flexible schedule to run agents, less memory usage, reporting on agent execution, use of failover servers and many other settings to tailor agent execution.


iScanner – iAdmin module that manage business applications

Yes, we mean management. Monitoring is important, but for maximum effect you need also manage apps, change ACL, change profiles, recreate database if it is corrupted or users unable to open it due corruption. You may also change version specific attributes, like
“If we use Domino V12, set CREATE_R12_DATABASES=1, remove other CREATE_R* parameters and if ODS is not 55 perform compact outside work hours”.
There are many rules like this we know by heart, but we have put them already in product. Out of the box you get ready to use 50 rules that make immediate benefit for your infrastructure.

If I need to check LZ1 Compression property on 10 000 databases, we better create rule, rather than do it manually. If you have 50 servers and 10000 databases on each it will take few minutes to check and change settings. iAdmin is a multithreaded, thus we can run tasks in parallel.


While product price is more than affordable, we have added built in ROI calculation.

How much minutes or hours it takes for human. iAdmin execution times is calculated in Realtime.
E.g. it took 59 seconds to identify too high access for Anonymous user on server which is accessible from Internet, while human was able to find it for many month, leaving this security hole exposed to hackers. You can search and fix database ACL once, but you cant afford do such projects daily, just create Rule that you dont want Anonymous access on new databases to be high. You solve problem only once, then you create Rule and it will be solved automatically according to scenario.

Get started with iADMIN

iAdmin works with all versions on Domino 8.x, 8.5, 9.x, 10, 11, 12. Get your 3 month trial today in form below and we are sure you will love it. We will help you to deploy product and get it running.