IBM Identity Management

Safeguard your systems, data, and applications from unauthorized access. Grant and revoke access quickly without envolving IT.

Full enterprise-level identity management

A successful identity management program can add business value: reduce IT management costs enhance employee productivity, and increase compliance efficiency.

IBM identity management services target virtually every aspect throughout your enterprise, including user provisioning, web access management, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user activity compliance. Our security specialists work with you to address the solutions that best match your business and security objectives.

Ensure users have proper access to apps and systems

Traditional identity systems with complex roles and IT entitlements often left business users in the dark when identity management is handled only by the IT department.

IBM Identity Management uses business-centric activity data to help end users and line of business managers understand the nature of the access they are requesting and certifying to ensure users have proper access.

Line of business owner managing access for his team

Line of business owners need to have effective tools to manage user access to IT resources.

IBM Identity Management provides a business friendly user interface to help line of business owners request, review and approve access for team members and automate end-to-end provisioning for user’s access to Servers, Applications and Database systems.

Ensure users have proper access to apps and systems

IT systems need to detect malicious user activity and respond quickly to prevent and contain insider threats.

When anomalous user behavior is detected by QRadar/UBA, the user’s accounts are suspended in IBM Identity Management, and an orchestration of the offense is initiated to engage the user via IBM Verify to mitigate the risk and follow up with proper actions. IBM Identity management is flexible in configuration, you can bridge it to known systems like IBM Domino or Microsoft Active Directory or your custom made system.

IBM Identity Management key features

  • Provide end-to-end user lifecycle management

    IBM Identity Management provides ease of use by bridging lifecycle management capabilities including powerful role management, multilevel provisioning workflow and integrated password management.

  • Enable certification campaigns

    IBM Identity Management enables the business to run campaigns to reconfirm users access needs with a customizable, self-service user dashboard. This simple experience quickly provides flexible and powerful workflow allowing users to easily recertify access.

  • Provide identity analytics and insider threat management

    IBM Identity Management offers a rich set of mature and compatible application adapters, both on-prem and for the cloud. This allows for better visibility and user access control for role mining, modeling and optimization.

  • Determine segregation of duties violations

    IBM Identity Management uses a unique business activity-based approach to model segregation of duties violations rather than relying on unmanageable role-to-role comparison. Business activity is immediately readable to the business user and enables a very clear way of showing risk that is both understandable and actionable.

Get started with IBM Identity Management

Enables organizations to implement modern Identity Management, addressing business, security and compliance requirements. Deployment of Identity Management system makes you agile, business users access needed informaiton quickly and reducing load on IT. Deployment of Identity Management will make your company GDPR compliant from access point of view.